Payment Plans

There are several Enagic Financing Options, find out which one is best suited for your personal situation.



Before you buy you will need Your Enagic Sponsor Information:

Melissa Phillips # 5123311


You can order your Enagic machine with an excellent financing program through Enagic Financing (no credit approval required), but this requires a down payment of approximately $800 and 16 monthly payments of $225.00 (For an SD 501, the down payments are cheaper for other models).  If needed, you can download the Enagic Payment Plan forms here…



Sales tax must be added from the state you are ordering from.  Kentucky is 6% which must be added to chart.

SD 501 Plat 5L payment plan

SD 501 U payment plan

SD 501 Payment Plan

Super 501 payment plan

DX II payment plan

Kangen 8 payment plan

JR II payment PlanLevelLuk R payment plan